Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Middblebury CSA Pick Up

I tend to not be so good about taking pictures during the actual CSA pick ups, but this month I was set up early and managed to take a few pictures of the Middlebury pick up.  Here they are!

Check out all the different things that were in the share this month!

Yummy Eggs

Southwind Farmstead Cheese, so popular we ran out before the end of the distribution week.  Look for it in the cheese share this summer.

How many things can you cook with beets?

Welcome to the pick up!  We do it out of the truck in Middlebury :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Morning Walk

Once a week I walk the farm just to observe its changes and features.  This week I brought a camera.  You are welcome to walk the farm yourself (it may be cloudy but for February it is quite warm today) but if you can't here are some pictures:

Recently repainted sign has summer brochures in it.  Stop by and pick one up!
It's snowy and cold outside the greenhouse but on the inside...
The ground is even thawed in the greenhouse! Well mostly :)
The tractor is receiving some TLC from Kevin
It may not look like much now but there are thousands of heads of garlic, waiting to pop up in the spring!

Looking out away from the farm towards Otter Creek

Happy Chickens